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Vol 19 No 1 (2019)
Published November 16, 2020
Research Journal of Science

Research Journal of Science publishes original research paper/article, review paper/articles and short communications and reports in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, geology, environmental sciences, agriculture, medicine, engineering and technology


Aliyu Daja, Zainab Kassim Mohammed, Teddy Christopher Igein, Abubakar Danladi Yusuf
35 - 46
A Preliminary Study on the Nutraceutical Potentials of Aqueous Fruit Pulp Extracts of Zizipus spina christii, Zizipus mauritiana and Chrysophyllum albidum
Brono , A.M. , Ali, A.G.K.
102 - 109
Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences of Weight
Brono , A.M., Ali, A.G.K.
93 - 102
On Generalized Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Topological Groups
Faruku, A.Z. , Harun, B.R., Yusuf B.
60 - 71
The Relatıonshıp Between Foreıgn Dırect Investment and Economıc Growth ın Nıgerıa: Usıng Var,Vecm and Granger Causalıty Tests
Faruku, A.Z., Harun, B.R., Yusuf B.
83 - 92
Effects of Nıgerıan Foreıgn Direct Investment on Economıc Growth : An Empırıcal Investıgatıon Usıng the Bounds Test for Co-Integratıon and Causalıty Tests
Tata, S., Donli, P.O., Abana, P. , Mohammed, F.K., Peter, A.
110 - 121
Effect of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur on Growth and Sporulation of Colletotrichum graminicola
Bakari,H.R., Dibal, N.P., Falmata, A.M. , Terab, M.A.
1 - 10
Modeling Birthweight Using Quantile Regression at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Borno State, Nigeria
Yakubu, H. J., Zirra, P.B.
46 - 59
Development and Analysis of a Novel Gray Scale Image Encryption Algorithm Using a Modified 1D Logistic Map
Ya’u S.L. , Maniyunda, L.M.
30 - 45
Soil Forming Processes Influnce on Pedogenesis And Classification of Alluvial Soils in Sudan Savannah, North Western Nigeria
Mohammed,Y.B., Hamza,H., Danbatta, U.A.
11 - 29
Trace Elements Geochemistry of Upper Cretaceous Sediments In Bornu Basin At Its Boundary With Gongola Basin, Ne Nigeria: Implication For Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation
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