Development and Analysis of a Novel Gray Scale Image Encryption Algorithm Using a Modified 1D Logistic Map


Image Encryption
Chaos-based Cryptosystem
1D Logistic Map

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Yakubu, H. J., & Zirra, P.B. (2019). Development and Analysis of a Novel Gray Scale Image Encryption Algorithm Using a Modified 1D Logistic Map. Research Journal of Science, 19(1), 46 - 59. Retrieved from


The application of one dimensional (1D) logistic map in information security has been studied for years by the cryptanalyst and recent studies have shown that without improvement on chaotic maps such as the quadratic map and the logistic map that have been studied for the past forty years in securing sensitive images, our applications will remain unchanged and might be subject to different attacks in the future. In view of this, various modified versions of 1D logistic map have been developed for cryptographic applications by many researchers. In this paper, a novel gray scale image encryption algorithm using a modified 1D logistic map was developed and analyzed. The algorithm was simulated using two standard test gray images: Lena and Cameraman. Both images are of size 256 x 256 and stored with TIF file format. Performance analysis using the Histogram Uniformity Analysis, Correlation Coefficient Analysis, Number of Pixel Change Rate (NPCR) and Unified Average Changing Intensity (UACI) were carried out on the proposed scheme. The results obtained from the analysis show that the scheme has proved to resists the known attacks (Statistical, Differential and Brute-force attacks).



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