On Generalized Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Topological Groups


statistically Cauchy
statistical convergence
Double sequences
topological groups

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Brono , A.M., & Ali, A.G.K. (2019). On Generalized Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Topological Groups. Research Journal of Science, 19(1), 93 - 102. Retrieved from http://journals.unimaid.edu.ng/index.php/rjs/article/view/66


Following the recent introduction of the concept of statistical convergence in  topological groups and some inclusion relations between the sets of statistically convergent and statistically convergent sequences in topological groups; we shall in  this  paper  analogously  introduce  the  notion of        convergence  of double sequences in topological groups. Some inclusion relations between the sets of statistically convergent double sequences and ly convergent sequences will also be proved. We shall also introduce the definition of statistically convergence in topological groups and prove some relations



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