Vol 5 No 1 (2021): Media and Communication Currents
Media and Communication Currents

Media and Communication Currents is a journal devoted to intellectual thinking, based on historical, epistemological, methodological, theoretical, and technical/policy discourses and expositions on any aspect of media and communication. The journal provides an effective platform for dissemination of vital information to educators, students, practitioners, and the public on issues affecting communication and national development.

This volume of Media and Communication Currents has Six articles that examined media and communication issues from different perspectives. The empirical work byFategbe and Ojebode examined Relationship between Exposure to Chinese Movies and Nigerians' Willingness to Associate Face-to-Face with Chinese Nationals.

Ata-Awaji and Samuel looked at the Exposure to Broadcast Media Messages and Knowledge of Covid -19 Pandemic Among Residents of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Still within the context of Covid-19, Inobemhe examined Social Media Fake News, Myths and Conspiracies on COVID-19: Threat to Public Health in Nigeria.

Umar looked at the social media and Journalism Practice in Nigeria: A look at News Sourcing and Dissemination among Journalists in Borno State.

Tsegyu and Inobemhe examined Social Media Regulation in a Democratic Nigeria: Challenges and Implication.

Mu’azu and Moses examined the Framing of the COVID-19 Pandemic during the Government’s Imposed lockdown by the Daily Trust and the Punch newspapers.

This volume of Media and Communication Currents is another interesting collection of intellectual thoughts and contributions to media and communication scholarship.