Teachers’ Advocacy for Reinstating Pre- School Unit in Osun State Public Primary Schools

  • Eniola Keji Ola-Alani Ph.D Department of Adult and Primary Education, University of Ilorin, Kwara State
  • Odebowale Iretilola Tina Department of Educational Foundations, Psychology and Guidance and Counseling, Lagos State University, Lagos State.
Keywords: Teachers, Advocacy, Reinstating, Pre-school, Public Primary School


The study is a survey research of teacher’s advocacy for reinstating pre-school units in public primary schools in Osun State. A sampled of 500 respondents were drawn purposively from ten schools in each of ten local government areas of the State. Five teachers were interviewed from each school. A validated researcher designed questionnaire with reliability co-efficient of 0.83 was used for data collection. The findings of the study showed that teachers have very positive perception of rationale for reinstating pre-school units in public primary schools. They affirmed the potentials of pre-school education as the foundation for other levels of education; for molding and preparing children positively for the betterment of self and society; improving their performance, developing and stabilizing their emotional and social adjustment in order to participate and relate positively with their mates at school and ultimately in life. It is recommended that pre-school units should be re-introduced in the primary school, and adequate funded and well staff with professional teachers, considering UNESCO 26% budget allocation to education, greater participation of stakeholders and provision of adequate and well trained teaching and non-teaching staff


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