Maiduguri Journal of Educational Studies (MAJES) is the publication of the Department of Education, University of Maiduguri.  Its goals are to provide a forum for the discrimination of Knowledge and exchange of ideas among scholars and practitioners in the field of Education. It lays more emphasis on empirical papers than review ones.  It receives articles all the year-round.  It publishes once a year but will soon embark on publishing twice a year.

Call For Papers

Original research papers addressing educational problems of all types and well written in English Language are invited from scholars and practitioners in the field of Education for publication in the popular MAJES.

Method of Submission of Manuscript

Manuscript can be submitted electronically ( as word document) attachment or manually with a scanned copy of bank teller of assessment fee  of N5,000.00 paid into MAJES account 0045294762 Access Bank to or to or  two hard copies  with a photo copy of the teller of the assessment fee to any of the addresses below

 The Editor, Prof. Alice K. J. Musa or the Business Editor, Prof. Bulama Kagu,

Department of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Maiduguri, P. M. B. 1069, Maiduguri, Borno State.

Preparation of Manuscript

Citation of and style of writing and references should follow the APA 6th edition most current reprint but indentation of paragraph and references should be customized to three letter indentation ( .02”) all through except for tables which should be in Arial font 12

The writing should be in Times New Roman font 1 2;  double space all through including title page, titles of tables and figure  and references;  one side paper with one inch margin all round. Manuscript should not be more than 17 pages including title page, table, figures and references.

The paper should contained the title of the paper with first letter of each word in capital letter and (not UPPER CASE) and bolden; name(s) of author(s) and their affiliation,  e-mail addresses and mobile number without titles of the author.  

Empirical article should contain abstract ( not more than 250words) on a separate page with the title of the paper written on top and  a maximum of 6 key words at the bottom; introduction ( covering background of the problems as well as the problem of the study,  review of related literature,  but not separated by headings,  but by paragraphs ); purpose of the study, (with the research questions and hypotheses highlighted) ; method [with Design,  participants  instrument(s) and procedure ( for data collection and data analysis separate with heading for each)];  results ( properly introduces and clear title titles of tables and figures); discussion;  conclusion ( with the limitation of the study and recommendations; and references. Instrument(s) should be submitted as appendix.

Review paper should contain abstract; introduction (which should capture the content of the paper in addition to other things); main body (with clearly laid subtheme/topics and critical discussion of reviewed empirical literature relating to the topic and their implications for education); conclusion/summary and references.

Assessment of Paper

  1. Papers will be reviewed by two references to ensure accuracy and relevance of the paper to solving educational problems and sent back to the author(s) to make corrections before submitting for publication.  Papers are submitted to blind assessment
  2. Soft copy of the corrected paper together with the reviewed paper and scanned bank teller of the assessment fee paid into MAJES account should be sent to the editor as word document attachment