Some Challenges of Hausa Translation in Modern Scientific and Technological Innovations



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Muhammad Mustapha Umar, & Nazir Ibrahim Abbas. (2018). Some Challenges of Hausa Translation in Modern Scientific and Technological Innovations. Liwuram - Journal for the Humanities, 19(1), 102 - 109. Retrieved from


Historically, translation had served as a means of communication and civilisation between different nations of the world. Translation had earlier played a key role in educational development and exchange of knowledge between different languages and nations. The history of modern civilisation and contacts between nations was no doubt facilitated by translation and translators of earlier time. It is a well-known fact that quite a number of languages and people in quarter of nations attained a peak of scientific and technological development of the modern day, through translation of works done by some scholars and researchers from other languages. Translation has helped greatly in the development of issues relating to education, science and technology, religion, cultural dissemination as well as fostering mutual understanding and unity among the world populace. Translation and interpretation still play a key role in communication and educational development among people of different languages. This paper looks at some of the challenges of Hausa translation in the modern technology and recommends solutions to the challenges. Hausa is one of the most widely spoken languages in West Africa and is being studied in various schools and institutions in different parts of the world. The language has embraced all the present scientific and technological development, yet is faced with some challenges of translations.This paper, therefore is an attempt to discuss the challenges and recommends solutions.



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