Stand Up Comedy and Economic Recession in Nigeria


Stand-up Comedy
Economic Recession

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Jacob Shimrumun Ioraa. (2018). Stand Up Comedy and Economic Recession in Nigeria. Liwuram - Journal for the Humanities, 19(1), 30 - 34. Retrieved from


One of the major issues of concern of the Nigerian government and her citizenry in the era of economic recession is on how to create employment and generate wealth for the masses so as to ameliorate poverty. Certainly, stand-up comedy as a genre of theatre provides soft landing ground for theatre artists in Nigeria in the recent times. This study, therefore, takes a critical look at stand- up comedy as theatre arts form. It goes further to analyse the place of stand-up comedy in charting a survival agenda in the Nigerian ailing economy. As a way of increasing employment and wealth generation, the paper suggests that theatre should properly be funded by the government, while efforts should also be redoubled by theatre professionals to increase the production of stand-up comedy in Nigeria as this would boost not only the revenue base of artists but the nation as a whole.



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