Agakumorphics: Paintings that Make Real Movement and Music


Modern Art

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Agaku Saghevwua Amos, & Adiwu Talatu Onkala. (2018). Agakumorphics: Paintings that Make Real Movement and Music. Liwuram - Journal for the Humanities, 19(1), 8 - 19. Retrieved from


Art in contemporary times has been reinvented to transcend the boundaries of mere aesthetics to a more dynamic sphere of political, social, and religious functions/dimension. It has become important for the artist to create works or pieces that challenge or invoke emotional reactions within the society; that can also lead to change. For such works to create and cause such change, they most transcend the normal confines of the canvas (painting) or amateur in the case of a three-dimensional work. Such works must be conceptual in nature thus effectively servicing their immediate environment. Such art, if successfully created, have a far more reaching effect than initially intended. Agaku’s works bear such conceptual propensities and transcend the boundaries of two-dimensional representations thereby creating a kind of freedom in the representation and understanding of contemporary Nigerian art. This paper discusses the artist, style and ideologies, materials and techniques as well as the philosophical and sociological impacts of the works produced.



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