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Vol 26 No 1 (2016): Annals of Borno
Annals of Borno

As Annals of Borno gradually gets closer to being prompt in its appearance to the reading public, I congratulate our esteemed contributors, who were fully on hand to ensure accuracy in the final form, our skeletal staff, who did much of the running around, the editorial team, which experimented ‘conference editing’ this time around, our sponsor (TETFUND), which has been very much alive to its responsibility and of course, our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abubakar Ibrahim Njodi, who has exhibited keen interest in regularizing all facets of university activities.

Volume 26 of Annals contains 17 contributions – just like its immediate predecessor. However, it deviates from the past by incorporating many multidisciplinary-based articles. This is in line with current global practice, which encourages multidisciplinary research. The contributions may be broadly grouped into: Humanities (1 contribution covering translation, linguistics and communication); Engineering (10 contributions covering Computer Engineering, Agricultural, Environmental and core Engineering research); Social Science (2 contributions, covering economics); Medicine (1 contribution, covering haematology in relation to professional practice) and Veterinary Medicine (3 contributions, covering parasitology, biochemistry and physiology).

We hope this trend will be sustained in future issues of the journal.

Prof. Bamidele Rotimi Badejo, FNAL

Published: 2016-06-27


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