Design and Construction of a Universal Pipe-Bending Machine

  • G. M. Ngala Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maiduguri - Nigeria
  • M. B. Oumarou Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maiduguri. Nigeria
  • A. B. Muhammad Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Maiduguri
Keywords: Design, Universal bending, Machine, Efficiciency


A universal pipe bending machine has been successfully designed and constructed using locally available materials. The manually operated machine is portable and can be mounted in a workshop, as part of production machinery or in construction sites to aid pipes, rods and angle irons bending operations so as to enhance productivity and early completion of projects. The mechanical efficiency of this machine based on the mechanical advantage and velocity ratio was determined to be 80%. Due to its cost of production, production efficiency and simplicity of operation, the machine is found to be quite suitable for use in developing countries.


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